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Pigeons leave residents stranded in East London tower block

We recently got a call from another one of our clients who manage an estate in East London. Pigeons had infested the lift motor room and the connected plant room. The property is a twenty storey tower block and the lifts developed a fault and were out of order. Our clients called in the lift […]

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Pigeons knockout lift in tower block in East London

The company carried out pest control in london homes and businesses and because it was based in a predominantly Orthodox Jewish part of North London, the company started serving their homes & businesses for all types of pest control problems and also offered emergency pest control services and found that as a community they like […]

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Pigeon Control

Pigeon Control in Islington

20th May 2021 We were recently contracted by a London Housing Association to carry out a survey as they had a site in Islington that had a pigeon problem. During our survey we noticed that the pigeons have been nesting in the recesses of the block and were nesting in the guttering which was very […]

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