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Pigeons leave residents stranded in East London tower block

We recently got a call from another one of our clients who manage an estate in East London. Pigeons had infested the lift motor room and the connected plant room. The property is a twenty storey tower block and the lifts developed a fault and were out of order. Our clients called in the lift […]

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Rodent Cameras are used to help combat the fight against pests

In the fight against rodents in London, The Pied Piper Pest Control Company have introduced cameras to their armour of products they use against rodents. Since the introduction of these cameras, we have been able to study and learn the behaviour of rats and mice. As a result of this, we have found that mice […]

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Pigeon Control

Pigeon Control in Islington

20th May 2021 We were recently contracted by a London Housing Association to carry out a survey as they had a site in Islington that had a pigeon problem. During our survey we noticed that the pigeons have been nesting in the recesses of the block and were nesting in the guttering which was very […]

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