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Pigeons leave residents stranded in East London tower block

We recently got a call from another one of our clients who manage an estate in East London. Pigeons had infested the lift motor room and the connected plant room. The property is a twenty storey tower block and the lifts developed a fault and were out of order. Our clients called in the lift engineers to quickly repair the lift and get it up and running again but the engineers refused to work in the lift motor due to the health and safety hazard of the pigeon fouling.

We quickly carried out a survey and they gave us the go ahead to carry out the removal of the pigeon fouling and block up the access points to prevent the pigeons from getting in again.

Our technicians quickly got to work decontaminating the areas and removing all the dead pigeons and fouling from the surfaces

The work took our techs the whole day to complete but by the end of it the lift motor room was back in action and the lift engineers returned to carry out the repairs and get the lifts back in operation.