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Bugged by critters in Kensington & Chelsea? No worries - we're on it! At Pied Piper, we're all about making your space comfy and pest-free. You can count on us for all the pest control magic your home or business needs, all shaped up just for Kensington's charm. From sneaky mice to bedbugs and zippy wasps, nothing's too tricky for our pest control Kensington and Chelsea crew.

We get that life's full-on, so we've made our service super flexible. Whether it's the latest tech or some clever tricks, our pest controllers have the know-how to send those pests packing. So, kick back and let us sort the critters. Enjoying a relaxed, pest-free vibe in Kensington & Chelsea? That's what Pied Piper is here for.

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Pest Control Kensington

Why Choose Us For Pest Control Services in Kensington and Chelsea?

  • Expert pest elimination specialists

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  • State-of-the-art pest control techniques

  • Comprehensive follow-up to prevent recurrences


We offer professional pest control solutions in Kensington & Chelsea

  • Residential Pest Control: Specializing in safeguarding households from invasive pests including rodents, bugs, and various nuisances. Our home pest control solutions are crafted with family and pet safety in mind, guaranteeing your living space stays welcoming and secure.
  • Commercial Pest Control:  Imagine your workspace with zero pests—nice, right? We craft commercial pest control services just for your company’s needs. Keeping your customers and crew happy, plus making sure those pesky pests are gone for good, is our recipe for your place in Kensington & Chelsea.
  • Emergency Pest Control: Facing an immediate pest challenge? Our emergency pest control services deliver prompt and decisive action. Ready to tackle urgent pest concerns swiftly, we restore your comfort and security with fast and effective interventions.
  • Seasonal Pest Management:  Prepping for each season’s pest plot? We’ve got your back with tailored pest control treatments. Whether it’s kicking out wasp nests in the summer or stopping rodents from setting up shop in the winter, trust us to keep your Kensington property pest-free whatever the weather.
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM): Our strategy extends beyond simple pest removal. With Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques, we aim for lasting prevention, employing eco-friendly solutions and educating our clients on practices to sustain a pest-free space.
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Common pests we deal with in Kensington & Chelsea


  • Description: Quick and versatile, often occupying areas like cellars and basements.
  • Signs of Infestation: Evidence of chewing, fecal pellets, and odd behavior from pets.
  • Prevention Tips: Close off access points, ensure proper disposal of garbage.
  • Our Solutions: Customized approaches to managing rodent populations.

Bed Bugs

  • Description: Tiny, elusive insects, often found in mattresses and upholstery.
  • Signs of Infestation: Itchy bites, blood spots on bedding.
  • Prevention Tips: Regularly inspect bedding, be cautious when traveling.
  • Our Solutions: Comprehensive bed bug eradication.


  • Description: Common urban birds, often seen roosting on buildings.
  • Signs of Infestation: Nesting materials, droppings, constant cooing sounds.
  • Prevention Tips: Install bird deterrents, keep outdoor areas clean.
  • Our Solutions: Professional installations of netting, spikes and Firegel.

Frequently asked questions about pest control in Kensington & Chelsea

What are the signs of a rodent infestation in my home?

To spot a rodent infestation in your house, keep an eye out for small, dark droppings, especially in places where you store food. You might also notice bite marks on different items, including cables or boxes. Odd sounds, like scratching inside walls or above ceilings, could be another clue. Sometimes, you’ll find nests made of torn-up paper or fabric. If you come across these signs, you might have a rodent control issue at your residential or commercial property. Call a local pest control service in Kensington like Pied Piper to handle your pest problem swiftly.

How often should I have my property inspected for pests?

Alright, let’s keep it simple. It’s best to have a pro give your place the once-over for pests about once a year. But if you’re in Kensington with those notorious rodents and bed bugs, or if you’ve had problems with these uninvited guests before, you might want to do it more often. If wasp nests, carpet beetles, or any other pesky critters are a common sight around your zone, having the pest controllers from Pied Piper pop in more regularly can save you a lot of trouble. Remember, here at Pied Piper, we’re all about that bed bug control and keeping all those unwanted visitors away from your Kensington home.

Can I handle a pest infestation on my own?

Tackling pests by yourself might work for the odd bug or mouse, but if it’s a serious problem, you’re going to need help from the pros. Our skilled pest controllers know precisely how to sort out your pest troubles. They’ve got the right tools and a heap of experience, making sure those pests are gone for good. Whether you’re dealing with a wasp nest removal situation, a tricky rodent infestation, or need some nifty pest control in Kensington, we’ve got your back. With Pied Piper, you’re getting top-notch service that follows the standards of the British Pest Control Association, so you can relax knowing those pesky visitors won’t overstaying their welcome.

How long does a pest control treatment last?

Pest control treatments have different lifespans—one size doesn’t fit all. What critter we’re kicking out, how many there are, and the way we do it all matter. Some pests might buzz off pronto, while for others, it’s a longer game. Our pest controller experts will give you the scoop on how long your place will stay pest-free. Plus, if those pesky rodents try a comeback, we’ve got your rodent infestations covered with extra steps when needed.

How much does professional pest control cost?

The cost of pest control services varies widely depending on the type of pest, the extent of the infestation, the size of your property, and the number of treatments required. Most companies offer free estimates, allowing you to get a better idea of the costs involved before committing to a service.

How small of a gap can the common brown rat in London squeeze through, thanks to its ability to collapse part of its skeleton?

The common brown rat in London is quite the escape artist; it can wiggle through tiny spaces, about as thin as a pencil! This rat can sort of ‘fold up’ its body to fit through cracks and openings to invade places like South Kensington. Imagine a gap the size of a biscuit; a rat can get through it with a bit of effort. That’s why it’s important to seal entry points in your home, such as sealing gaps under doors or holes in exterior walls. Rats are not only good at squeezing but climbing too. You might spot them scurrying up walls or across Kensington High Street.

To keep birds away, we apply bird netting effectively, which is part of our strategy to manage other pests. Residents living near Kensington pest hotspots can see swift results when they call us at first contact on spotting wasps nests or clothes moths. Our goal is to remove pests quickly, ensuring your home is pest-free with minimal disruption.

Which famous playwright mentioned bed bugs in his works, highlighting their long history with humans in places like London?

Shakespeare mentioned bed bugs in his plays, indicating their presence in human history and London for centuries. Obviously the problem must hae been worse in those days as hygiene and pest control was not of the highest standards.

How fast can cockroaches run, making them a challenging pest to catch in your London home?

Get your trainers on as Cockroaches can run up to 3 miles an hour, making them quite speedy when evading capture.

Ants are known for their incredible strength. Approximately how many times their own body weight can ants carry?

Yes, Pharaoh ants can pose a health risk as they are known to carry and spread pathogens such as Salmonella and Streptococcus by contaminating food and surfaces.

Can rats swim?

Rats are excellent swimmers, capable of entering buildings through plumbing and can even hold their breath for up to three minutes and tread water for three days, making sewers a common entry point into homes.

How long can cockroaches survive without their head, and why?

Cockroaches can survive for weeks without their head because they breathe through openings in their body segments and do not rely on their heads to breathe or regulate blood pressure.

How far can fleas jump?

Fleas can jump up to 150 times their own body length, which is equivalent to a human jumping nearly 300 meters.

Our Pest Control Service in London
Whether you have a problem with rats, mice, cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, ants or any other pest,
The Pied Piper Pest Control Company has a pest control solution for you.
Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control

If you're running a business in Kensington & Chelsea, you recognize the critical importance of keeping pests away, not just for your customers' comfort, but also for the well-being of your employees. We offer pest control solutions that can help maintain a healthy environment for your staff in the Kensington & Chelsea area.

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Home Pest Control

Home Pest Control

At The Pied Piper, we offer swift and efficient pest control services that are completely safe for all household settings, including properties in Kensington & Chelsea. We collaborate with both landlords and tenants in Kensington & Chelsea to promptly address and eradicate pest problems.

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Cockroaches in the workplace

Cockroaches in the workplace

Cockroaches, known for spreading germs like Salmonella and E.coli and causing contamination, can eat almost anything. The Pied Piper specializes in effectively preventing and dealing with cockroach infestations in businesses throughout Kensington & Chelsea.

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