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Got a business and are worried about your customers seeing mice running around? Our techs are thorough and detailed in treating pests on your property. We have serviced 1000s of clients in and around London, and our level of service and professionalism is second to none. We use cameras, tracking gels, and an array of rodent formulations to eradicate your mouse problem quickly and keep them away. Are you looking to get your business protected? If so, don`t risk getting fined; give us a call now so we can carry out a free survey and quotation and get you protected. We provide commercial pest control services to businesses, shops and restaurants across London. We are a licensed professional pest control service provider and proud members of the British pest control association.

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About mice

signs you have mice in your business premises

  • Droppings: Mice leave small, dark droppings that are about the size of a grain of rice. Look for them in areas where mice are likely to travel, such as along walls and in corners.

  • Gnaw marks: Mice have incisors that continually grow, so they need to gnaw on objects to keep them trimmed. Look for gnaw marks on wires, furniture, and other objects in your business premises.

  • Chewed food packages: Mice will often chew through food packaging to access the contents, leaving behind shredded packaging and crumbs.

  • Unpleasant odours: Mice have a distinctive musky odour that can be noticeable in areas where they are present.

  • Scratching noises: Mice are nocturnal and are often most active at night. Listen for scratching noises in walls, ceilings, and floors.

  • Actual mice. If you see a mouse running across the kitchen floor, there is likely a family of mice which are nesting out of sight.

mouse treatment - The Pied Piper, London’s Leading Pest Control Company
Health hazards rodents can cause to humans

  • Salmonellosis

  • Leptospirosis

  • Urine allergies

  • Lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCM)

  • Hantavirus

Mice treatment - The Pied Piper, London’s Leading Pest Control Company

Eliminating mice in your business

Mice are bad news if you have a problem with them in your business as they are experts in causing damage to foodstuffs and spreading various diseases. If you are running a business and have a problem with mice, your staff can refuse to work in an environment where they are present, therefore early detection can help in preventing the problems associated with mice in a business. In the first instance, you would need to call a pest control company to control the mice. If you are experiencing problems with pests in your business then contact us, as we are a professional pest management service provider and can prevent pest infestations. If you don't already have a regular pest control program in place then we can arrange a visit to conduct a complete survey of your business and recommend a suitable treatment program. It's not worth the risk to your reputation, so give us a call now.
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About our mouse treatments

If you own or manage a restaurant, bar, food processing plant, or any other business that serves or handles food, then you know that mice can pose a significant risk to your business. Mice can spread diseases and contaminate food, so it’s essential to have effective mouse control as part of your integrated pest control program, especially in food preparation and storage areas. As a result, you could be shut down for failing to comply with legislation. Not only would this be bad for your reputation, but it could also lead to a loss of earnings.  With many years of experience, we could help to get your business back on track. We can deal with pests in all types of businesses including food processing, food retail or restaurants and bars, contact us today to see how we can help your business. Our commercial pest control contracts cover you for mice infestations on your business premises. We can control mice with our integrated pest management service.
  • At The Pied Piper Pest Control Company, we will not just cover your premises for any old pest problem.
  • We will give you the correct number of visits for your business and cover you for the pests you are most likely to get.
  • We will also make sure that we are treating the right areas of your business. After all, there’s no point treating the interior of a warehouse if the rats are coming in from outside.
  • Our extensive experience in pest control means we are able to deal with every pest in every type of business.
  • A reporting system that will record each visit, allowing us to document details of pest infestation, findings, advice or recommendations, the treatment carried out, and the pesticides we have used.
Frequently asked questions

Should I treat mice if I have a problem in my business?

If you have a mouse problem in your business, it is generally recommended to have it treated as soon as possible. Mice can cause significant damage to your property, contaminate food, and spread disease, posing health risks to employees and customers. Overall, it is best to have a professional pest control company treat a mouse infestation in your business. They can identify the source of the infestation, develop a customized treatment plan, and provide ongoing monitoring and prevention to ensure that the problem is resolved and does not reoccur.

If I have a pest control contract at my premises can the authorities close me down?

Having a pest control contract in place at your premises is generally seen as a responsible and proactive approach to pest control. It is unlikely that the authorities would close down your business solely because you have a pest control contract in place. In fact, having a pest control contract can help you demonstrate that you are taking steps to ensure a safe and healthy environment for your employees and customers.

However, if there are severe pest infestations or an imminent threat to public health and safety, the authorities may take action to close down your business until the pest problem is resolved. This is typically a last resort measure and is only taken in extreme cases where other measures have failed to address the problem.

It is important to note that depending on your industry and location, there may be specific regulations related to pest control that you must comply with. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in fines and legal action, which could potentially lead to the closure of your business. It is always best to work with a reputable pest control company and comply with all applicable regulations to ensure that your business remains open and operates in a safe and responsible manner.

How quickly can mice breed?

Mice are known for their high reproductive rate, and they can breed very quickly. In fact, a single female mouse can give birth to a litter of about 5-10 pups every three weeks or so. With the ability to breed throughout the year, a single pair of mice can produce up to 150 offspring in a single year if left unchecked.

Given this rapid breeding rate, it’s essential to address a mouse infestation as soon as possible. A small number of mice can quickly become a significant problem if left untreated. If you suspect you have a mouse infestation, it’s best to contact a pest control professional to address the problem promptly and prevent the population from growing out of control.

how did I get mice in my business in the first place?

Mice can enter your business in various ways, and it’s essential to understand how they get in to prevent future infestations. To prevent mice from entering your business, it’s essential to seal all openings and gaps, keep food storage areas clean and organized, and remove any clutter or debris that could provide hiding places for mice. It’s also a good idea to work with a pest control professional to identify potential entry points and develop a customized prevention plan for your business.

What do mice eat?

Mice are opportunistic feeders and can eat a wide variety of foods. Their diet can include:

Grains: Mice are known to feed on a wide variety of grains, including wheat, corn, oats, and rice. They can gnaw through packaging to access these food sources.

Seeds: Mice can also feed on seeds from plants, such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sesame seeds.

Fruits and vegetables: Mice can feed on fruits and vegetables, such as apples, bananas, and carrots. They may also gnaw on the bark of fruit trees.

1. Nuts: Mice can feed on nuts, such as almonds, walnuts, and hazelnuts.

2. Insects: Mice are omnivores and will eat insects such as beetles, cockroaches, and crickets.

3. Pet food: Mice can also feed on pet food that is left out or not properly stored.

4. Garbage: Mice can scavenge for food in garbage cans and dumpsters.

To prevent mice from feeding on these food sources, it’s essential to store all food in airtight containers and clean up any spills or crumbs promptly. It’s also important to keep garbage cans sealed and dispose of garbage regularly. Working with a pest control professional can help you identify potential food sources and develop a customized plan to prevent mice from accessing them.

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