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Flies carry and transmit diseases as they fly around, and because of their close association with humans, as well as being very annoying and unpleasant, they pose a serious health risk to people. Experiencing flies in your business can leave you and your customers exposed to enteric infections, such as salmonella, E. coli, dysentery, diarrhoea, typhoid, cholera, and more. For effective fly treatment in London, you should always seek professional help.

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Facts about flies

  • Did you know that house flies live on a liquid diet as they lack the necessary mouthparts needed to chew food. They drink their food instead.

  • A housefly will expel digestive juices onto foods that they land on and these juices cause the breakdown of the food into smaller pieces allowing them to use their intricate mouthparts, the "proboscis", to drink the meal.

  • Flies have specially adapted eyes that allow them to have an almost 360-degree field of view which helps them see signs of danger a lot quicker, hence why it is difficult to catch a fly.

  • The lifespan of a housefly is only 30 days, which is not long, but during this time they can lay up to 500 eggs and this is how they keep infestations growing.

  • Fruit flies get their name because they like to breed beneath the skin of rotting fruit and vegetables.

  • If two flies were to breed for a year and all the offspring lived, they would cover the entire Earth to a depth of 46 feet. That’s frightening.

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How do you know you have a problem with flies?

  • The easiest way to tell if you have a problem is that you will see an increase in flies in and around your business.

  • You will see them flying around food and bins and they will also be attracted to lighting and windows where the light is coming into the property.

  • A leaking waste pipe in the home is an ideal breeding ground for drain flies so if you see any of these flies in your home, check to make sure there are no water leaks.

  • If you see bluebottles or greenbottles in the home this could identify another problem as they tend to lay their eggs in carcasses of other animals.

  • Large maggots in and around bin bags are also indicators of bluebottles/greenbottles breeding in decomposing meat products.

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How to eliminate flies from your business

About our fly treatments

If you run a restaurant, bar, food processing plant, or any other business that serves or handles food, then flies can cause a significant risk to your business. Having effective fly control as part of your integrated pest control program is especially important in your food preparation and storage areas, otherwise, the flies could spread diseases and contaminate food.  As a result of this, you could be shut down for not complying with legislation. Not only would this be bad for your reputation, but it could also lead to a loss of earnings. As we have many years of experience, it could really help to get advice from us. If you have a food processing or food retail business or own a restaurant or bar, then contact us today to see how we can help your business.

  • At the Pied Piper Pest Control Company, we will not just cover your premises for any old pest problem.
  • We will give you the correct number of visits for your business and cover you for the pests you are most likely to get.
  • We will also make sure that we are treating the right areas of your business. After all, there’s no point treating the interior of a warehouse if the rats are coming in from outside.
  • Our extensive experience in pest control means we are able to deal with every pest in every type of business.
  • A reporting system that will record each visit, allowing us to document details of pest infestation, findings, advice or recommendations, the treatment carried out, and pesticides we have used.

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Outstanding Reputation

We have been trading for over twenty-five years and have gained a reputation as one of London’s leading pest control providers with our professionalism and customer service, our reviews speak for themselves.  We offer 24-hour pest control in and around London.

  • Reliable and professional service
  • Rapid response times
  • Dedicated & responsive customer care team
  • Fully trained technicians
  • Trustpilot and google accredited reviews

Efficient Solutions

The Pied Piper has a proven track record and experience covering all types of pest control including Rodents, bed bugs, wasps, fleas, grey squirrels, foxes and birds. We can Identify pest species and signs quickly and take instant action. You can expect high-quality services from expert pest technicians to ensure effective treatment for common pests, seasonal pests, unwanted pests, bed bug infestations, and other pests.

  • Latest techniques and formulations
  • Environmentally friendly solutions
  • Non toxic alternatives are available
  • Comprehensive monitoring and reports
  • Professional & experienced technicians

Safety Conscious

The Pied Piper places health and safety above all else when dealing with the public. Our pest control procedures are safe for people and pets. Our local technicians are constantly attending the latest courses and have regular safety training to carry out their work safely. We use pest control chemicals that are safe for use and we use the best pest control methods provided by pest control professionals. So, you can ensure quality pest removal services from us. 

  • All pesticides used are approved for use in the UK
  • All technicians are kitted out with the relevant PPE
  • CHAS, Safe Contractor, CEPA, BPCA accredited
  • Non-Toxic treatments


The Pied Piper can also provide your home or business with the following additional services and expertise as these would be an extension of the pest control solutions we provide. Our pest control technicians take pest control contracts seriously and put immense effort into ensuring the best quality services for you. 


  • Abseiling
  • Decontamination services
  • Rubbish removal
  • Decontamination and disinfection treatments
  • Drain surveys and inspections

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How it Works

1. Contact

Call or message us and we will arrange for a member of our team to contact you

  • Local Knowledgeable pest control experts
  • Calls returned same day
    (during Mon-Fri 8-5pm)
  • Trustpilot Accredited

2. Survey

We will discuss your pest problem and quote you over the phone or arrange a survey and email you a quote asap

  • Appointment time slots to suit you
  • Control programs tailored to your requirements
  • BPCA certified technicians

3. Treatment

Our BPCA qualified technicians will attend your property to provide pest control treatments

  • Appointment at a time convenient to you
  • Explain clearly what our tech will do
  • Child & pet safe treatments

4. Aftercare

We will make sure that after your treatment program is complete your premises will be clear of any pests

  • Pest prevention advice given
  • Detailed reports
  • Peace of mind
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