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Fleas can be a serious problem in your business as they can affect your employees as well as your customers and can cause serious allergic reactions that can make working in your premises intolerable. Having fleas in your business can damage your brand reputation and put off your customers. We can act quickly to treat your premises and get the problem under control so things can run smoothly again.

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About fleas
Flea facts

  • Fleas are known to carry diseases such as typhus and can cause tapeworm which can easily be transported to humans.

  • A flea bite is painful and annoying, however everyone reacts differently to a flea bite and may or may not be affected.

  • Fleas are mostly associated with pets and in and around where they sleep or sit, but can also be found in other places like your beds, carpets or sofas.

  • Fleas are able to live for months without feeding on a host and we have actually seen them chasing after our techs when they have gone into a property that has been empty for a long time.

  • Just because you have no pets, this does not mean you can’t get fleas. Fleas are often brought into the workplace by staff and clients travelling on the buses and trains.

  • It is very difficult to eradicate fleas and their eggs without carrying out a specialist treatment.

Fleas Bug - The Pied Piper Pest
How do you know you have fleas?

  • You, your employees, and your clients will get bitten. If you have pets in your business premises they will also get bitten and start scratching.

  • It is very likely if you have a bad problem that you may see live fleas jumping about in your premises.

  • If you look carefully on carpets, rugs or bedding you will see flea dirt which looks similar to ground black pepper.

  • Fleas eggs can also be seen but they will be less visible as they are small and white.

Fleas control - The Pied Piper, London’s Leading Pest Control Company
How to eliminate fleas from your business

If you run a business where you rent out rooms like a hotel or hostel then fleas are likely to be a serious problem for your establishment. Offices are also another place where flea problems are common due to the large numbers of people congregating in them. If your customers or employees are getting bitten by fleas then this can lead to disruption in the workplace which can cause financial loss and damage your reputation as well. So dealing with the problem quickly and effectively will help to overcome these issues. Flea treatment should only be undertaken by a professional company as it is a specialist application which requires knowledge and experience as well as the correct insecticides. Give us a call now and schedule a visit.

Fumigation of pests
Our flea treatment

1 Initial treatment

  • On our first treatment, a BPCA qualified technician will try and identify the source of the infestation, usually the host animal and it is highly recommended that the client treats the host animal with a suitable product available online.  (This treatment is not be carried out by our technician, but by the owner of the host animal or a registered Vet)
  • It is not always the case that fleas come from cats or dogs as it is very easy for fleas to jump on to people whilst they are travelling, for instance on the underground or the buses.
  • A highly effective residual insecticide will then be applied to all high-risk areas using a manual sprayer.
  • This treatment will normally consist of spraying all carpets, furniture and any other areas that there have been reports of fleas.
  • The treatment is completely safe, however you will have to vacate the premises for at least four hours to allow the insecticide to settle and dry.
  • We operate a discreet out of hours service to minimize disruption to your business.
  • Once the first visit is complete, our technician will complete a detailed inspection report explaining what he has done and leave you with a contactless digital copy.

2 Follow Up

  • Our techs will carry out a follow-up visit for fleas around the two-week mark after the initial treatment has been carried out
  • The premises are treated in exactly the same way as the initial visit.
  • Once our work is completed, our technician will complete a detailed inspection report explaining what they have done and leave you with a contactless digital copy.

Please note that before any treatment commences the property has to be prepared for treatment. Our helpful staff will give clear instructions on how to best prepare your property. Preparation is key to successful treatment and should never be taken lightly.  Our technicians are unable to carry out treatment to properties that are not properly prepared.

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Outstanding Reputation

We have been trading for over twenty-five years and have gained a reputation as one of London’s leading pest control providers with our professionalism and customer service, our reviews speak for themselves.  We offer 24-hour pest control in and around London.

  • Reliable and professional service
  • Rapid response times
  • Dedicated & responsive customer care team
  • Fully trained technicians
  • Trustpilot and google accredited reviews

Efficient Solutions

The Pied Piper has a proven track record and experience covering all types of pest control including Rodents, bed bugs, wasps, fleas, grey squirrels, foxes and birds. We can Identify pest species and signs quickly and take instant action. You can expect high-quality services from expert pest technicians to ensure effective treatment for common pests, seasonal pests, unwanted pests, bed bug infestations, and other pests.

  • Latest techniques and formulations
  • Environmentally friendly solutions
  • Non toxic alternatives are available
  • Comprehensive monitoring and reports
  • Professional & experienced technicians

Safety Conscious

The Pied Piper places health and safety above all else when dealing with the public. Our pest control procedures are safe for people and pets. Our local technicians are constantly attending the latest courses and have regular safety training to carry out their work safely. We use pest control chemicals that are safe for use and we use the best pest control methods provided by pest control professionals. So, you can ensure quality pest removal services from us. 

  • All pesticides used are approved for use in the UK
  • All technicians are kitted out with the relevant PPE
  • CHAS, Safe Contractor, CEPA, BPCA accredited
  • Non-Toxic treatments


The Pied Piper can also provide your home or business with the following additional services and expertise as these would be an extension of the pest control solutions we provide. Our pest control technicians take pest control contracts seriously and put immense effort into ensuring the best quality services for you. 


  • Abseiling
  • Decontamination services
  • Rubbish removal
  • Decontamination and disinfection treatments
  • Drain surveys and inspections

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How it Works

1. Contact

Call or message us and we will arrange for a member of our team to contact you

  • Local Knowledgeable pest control experts
  • Calls returned same day
    (during Mon-Fri 8-5pm)
  • Trustpilot Accredited

2. Survey

We will discuss your pest problem and quote you over the phone or arrange a survey and email you a quote asap

  • Appointment time slots to suit you
  • Control programs tailored to your requirements
  • BPCA certified technicians

3. Treatment

Our BPCA qualified technicians will attend your property to provide pest control treatments

  • Appointment at a time convenient to you
  • Explain clearly what our tech will do
  • Child & pet safe treatments

4. Aftercare

We will make sure that after your treatment program is complete your premises will be clear of any pests

  • Pest prevention advice given
  • Detailed reports
  • Peace of mind
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