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Pigeon Netting Control

Solutions in London

Pigeon netting stands out as a premier solution for controlling pigeons in London, effectively preventing these birds from invading designated spaces. This technique employs cut to size nets, making it a subtle yet powerful barrier. Almost invisible from below, the netting integrates seamlessly with the surroundings.

For those grappling with pigeon nuisances, bird netting emerges as a reliable, sustainable choice. Our expert team specializes in custom nets—including heavy duty options tailored for urban environments. Leveraging netting shears and aiming for precision down to the nearest whole metre, we commit to excellence in every working day's production schedule.

Our nets are manufactured to endure, featuring UV light stabilised materials such as HDPE ultra violet protected and knotted polyethylene to withstand the rigors of direct sunlight and the elements. Available in various mesh sizes, our solutions are effective not just for pigeons but also for small birds, ensuring a broad-spectrum deterrent.

Every square metre of bird nets is meticulously crafted, with attention to the specific needs of the site. Whether it's for residential properties or commercial premises, our cut to size service ensures a perfect fit every time, with a metre charge that reflects the bespoke nature of each project.

Pigeon Netting Control

About Pigeon Netting

Does pigeon netting work?

For more than two decades, our leadership in crafting solutions for deterring birds has set a precedent in pigeon control. Our pigeon netting stands as a robust defense, ensuring pigeons are kept at bay from target areas effectively. Its design allows for a discreet integration with the environment, offering a long-lasting solution with minimal upkeep.

Our team, versed in handling a variety of settings from bustling airports and stations to serene hospitals and private residences, applies unwavering commitment and expertise regardless of the project’s scale.

The nets, constructed from Ultraviolet stabilised polyethene, come in an array of colors including black, stone, and white to align with different architectural styles. Each net is attached securely along the perimeter of the area to be protected, using a straining wire and specialized fixings for enhanced durability. Designed with practicality in mind, our good-quality nets incorporate convenient access for maintenance activities, like servicing air-conditioning units or lighting fixtures, without sacrificing protection.

Regarding specifications, our nets boast superior manufacture nets quality. They are designed to absorb water minimally, ensuring longevity and consistent performance. The weight per square metre is optimized to balance durability with ease of installation, and dimensions can be adjusted to fit specific dimensions required by our clients. Furthermore, the materials used are chemically inert, making them resistant to environmental wear and ensuring that their efficacy and physical properties are automatically added to their lifespan.

Pigeon netting

The benefits of pigeon netting

Balconies – Pigeons love balconies as they offer shelter from the elements and are one of the hotspots where netting is required
Lightwells – More common in Central London due to the design of the buildings. Pigeons can gain easy access so netting the top of the lightwell stops them from getting in
Train Stations – Canopies and cosy concourses are loved by pigeons with easy access twenty-four hours a day
Warehouses – Pigeons can spot a free meal and are always hanging around warehouses for the food spillages and overflowing bins
Airports – Similar to Train stations offering warmth and food scraps and plenty of nesting options
Covered Car Parks – Pigeons have adapted to the opening and closing of car park gates and shutters in order to find indoor nesting sites

Pigeon netting control for your pigeon problems

Do you have a pigeon problem in your home or business and think pigeon netting could be an option?
Why not give us a call so we can arrange a free site survey and quotation?

  • We provide comprehensive quotations with photos and clear details of what we will be doing.

  • If we cannot carry out the work using the usual access equipment, we can deploy our abseiling team to carry out the work.

  • We also regularly arrange scaffolding and cherry pickers/powered access for areas that are difficult to reach.

  • Experienced and qualified technicians to guarantee a professional netting installation.

Professional Netting in London

Frequently asked questions about pigeon netting

Will the netting harm the pigeons?

Pigeon netting, when correctly set up, poses no harm to birds. It acts as a humane barrier to keep pigeons from undesired spots without causing injury. Made of safe, durable material, its mesh is finely balanced to deter pigeons efficiently while preventing entanglement, making it a compassionate control method.

Can I install pigeon netting myself?

Yes, it is possible to install pigeon netting yourself, especially for smaller areas. To effectively install pigeon netting, opt for strong materials like Polyethylene or Nylon and measure your area precisely, allowing extra netting for firm attachments. Ensure all supporting structures (poles, brackets, hooks) are securely in place before attaching the netting tightly with zip ties or hooks, eliminating any pigeon access points. Perform regular checks for any damage to the netting, making necessary repairs to keep it in good condition. For complex setups, seek the expertise of bird control professionals or pest management services to ensure a properly secured installation.

Is pigeon netting effective?

Certainly, pigeon netting is a highly effective measure to prevent pigeons from accessing and nesting in specific areas such as balconies and building ledges. It offers a humane solution by creating a physical barrier, but requires proper and regular maintenance to ensure its long-term effectiveness.

How much does pigeon netting cost to install?

The cost of installing pigeon netting can vary depending on several factors, including the size of the area to be covered, the complexity of the installation, the quality of the materials used, and the location of the installation. Our team can carry out a free survey and give you a free quotation and recommendations.

Is pigeon netting the right solution for my situation?

When deciding on using pigeon netting for bird control on your property, consider key factors such as the target areas, size and complexity of the space, aesthetics, and your budget for both installation and future maintenance. Pigeon netting is ideal for smaller areas like balconies or parts of rooftops, but might not suit larger or architecturally complex spaces. If the visual impact is a concern, other deterrents like spikes or gels might be preferable. Consulting with bird control or pest management experts can provide personalized advice and help you determine the most effective solution for your situation.

Can the netting be customized to fit specific areas?

Yes, pigeon netting can be customized to fit specific areas. Netting can be tailored to accommodate the size, shape, and layout of the area you want to protect from pigeons.

When considering customization, it is recommended to work with professionals or bird control specialists who have experience in designing and installing custom pigeon netting solutions. They can assess your specific area, take accurate measurements, and provide recommendations for the most effective and tailored netting solution.

What is the expected lifespan of the netting?

The lifespan of pigeon netting primarily depends on the netting’s material quality, the environmental conditions it encounters, how well it is maintained, and the thoroughness of its installation. Typically, well-made pigeon netting constructed from materials like polyethylene or nylon can effectively serve its purpose for around 5 to 10 years, potentially even longer if cared for diligently. Regular maintenance and proper installation are key factors in ensuring the netting remains effective over the years.

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