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Hello! I'm Tony King, the proud owner and manager of The Pied Piper, a leading pest control service with a legacy spanning over 25 years. If you're seeking top-notch pest control in London, you've come to the right place. I lead a highly skilled team of pest exterminators proficient in handling everything from rat and mouse removal to tackling severe bedbug and cockroach issues. Our comprehensive services cater to both commercial and residential pest control services, including an emergency pest control service for clients who require immediate solutions. Delve into our pest control reviews to gain insights into our expertise and the unparalleled service we provide.

Take a moment to acquaint yourself with The Pied Piper – a company built on trust, reliability, and a commitment to pest-free environments. Should you require assistance, our chat box in the lower right corner is just a click away. Alternatively, send us a message via the contact form below, and we'll promptly address your pest control concerns. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our priorities.

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What We Do
We are the experts for pest control in London

Since 1992, The Pied Piper has been delivering a professional and dedicated pest control service to clients, setting high standards that surpass typical expectations. Our commitment to exceptional customer service goes hand in hand with our extensive experience in handling diverse pest control challenges, ranging from commercial buildings to residential properties. Our experienced team has successfully tackled severe infestations over the years, possessing the expertise needed to overcome any pest-related issue.

Whether you seek a pest control specialist for bedbug control at home or require a pest control contract for your business on a long-term basis, we offer the full service for any pest infestation. Our rapid call-out service operates with total discretion, providing convenient time slots to accommodate your schedule. In addition to comprehensive pest control, we specialize in pigeon control, regularly installing various pigeon deterrents tailored to all property types.

Who We Are
Established in 1992 in Stamford Hill,
North London by Tony King
The company started carrying out pest control services in London`s homes and businesses. There were many pest control companies at that time but because The Pied Piper was based in a predominantly Orthodox Jewish part of North London, the company started providing a pest control service for their homes & businesses mainly dealing with rodent control, bedbugs, insect control and bird control and found that as a community they like to recommend a pest control company they can trust, one with good customer service and value for money. We quickly became the trusted choice within the community and we embraced these principles as the core of our business. Tony soon realised that this should be at the heart of the business and pretty soon the company began to grow and expand offering services to all parts of London.

The Pied Piper
Within a few years, The Pied Piper expanded its portfolio of customers to the whole of London

Customer service has always been at the heart of our business, a principle instilled by Tony. Beyond delivering standard pest control services for residential clients, we expanded our reach to collaborate with housing associations, property management companies, and esteemed restaurants in and around London. Our diverse pest control services encompass tackling issues such as bedbug infestations, mouse control, and wasp nest control. As demand grew, so did our team, with Tony taking a hands-on approach to train new staff on the field. The ethos consistently communicated to our team revolves around the understanding that Customer Service and satisfaction are the cornerstones of client retention and happiness. Our commitment to these values has enabled us to establish a strong presence in the pest control industry, earning the trust of diverse clientele.

London Bridges - Pied Piper Pest

Today The Pied Piper is one of the capitals leading pest control companies.

Serving high-profile clients all over the capital, we are trusted to maintain and keep their properties and businesses pest-free. Tony is still hands-on with the business, overseeing the service side of things and making sure that the high standards he has worked hard to reach are still being maintained, and if you take a look at our reviews you will see that he has succeeded. The Pied Piper has been consistent throughout the years and still serves some of the same clients from when it first started in 1992. Today The Pied Piper is London`s pest control experts dealing with mouse control, rat infestations, wasp nest, pest control contract and all other types of pest control.
Pest Control for Offices - The Pied Piper

What Our Clients
Say About Us

  • Google Reviews SELDA MEHMET

    Amazing Service! 5 Star! The issue I had, I thought it could never be resolved. After having a previous Pest Control company treat it and a few months later the pests tripled! I contacted The Pied Piper Pest Control and they took the problem into their hands made me feel so relieved as they assured me they would not stop treating until the problem was completely solved. This is the type of service you don’t always come across. As promised, they visited my premises until the pests were completely clear. Thank you to Tony and to his great team! I would definitely recommend to everyone. Great service.


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    real customers

  • Google Reviews Huriye Damoo

    Very happy with the professional, friendly, efficient and speedy response from The Pied Piper to sort out a rat problem. Technicians are friendly and knowledgeable. Would definitely use again in the future and happy to recommend The Pied Piper

    Huriye Damoo

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    real customers

  • Google Reviews Jo Jo

    Currently using them for a pest control contract as our last company let us down badly. Spend the time doing the job properly and turning up on time and when they say they will. Can't ask for much more than that

    Jo Jo

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  • Google Reviews Maz Demir

    CONSISTENTLY EXCELLENT I have been working with this company since 2008 across six of my restaurants and I have to say I haven’t had one bad experience. I don’t normally write reviews but I really felt like I owed these guys as I believe they deserve all the recognition. They have been consistently good, any issues I had in any of the restaurants, they were there and never left until the issue was resolved. Thank you so much guys..

    Maz Demir

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    real customers

  • Google Reviews Paige Anderson

    The Pied Piper has provided excellent service with quick response times for both emails and quotes. Their service is outstanding and their work ethic is invaluable. They provide consistent and regular report updates, keeping us in the loop at all times. By far one of the best service providers in the pest control industry.

    Paige Anderson

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  • Google Reviews E C

    Superb service and friendly staff. Used them twice now and had a problem with mice, the technician was on time and thorough and wore his overshoes so my wife was happy.

    E C

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    real customers

  • Google Reviews sunsha lani

    The Technician that came round assessed the problem and dealt with it professionally 1st class service

    sunsha lani

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  • Google Reviews Sarah Cox

    I own a property in London that has had an ongoing issue with Bedbugs. We have had other pest control treatments in the past and none have worked. I called the Pied Piper late on Friday afternoon and was given a price on the spot with an information sheet for how my tenants needed to prepare the property. We were advised that it would take 3 treatments as the infestation was really bad. We have now had all the 3 treatments and 8 weeks on we are still clear. Fantastic service at a great price. From the ladies who answer the phone to the technician who carried out the treatment the service was second to none.

    Sarah Cox

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  • Google Reviews Han So

    Had a program of treatments done recently for a mouse problem we had in our house. They were on time and very thorough. The problem was all gone in two visits but they still came for the third and made sure all was ok. Very professional

    Han So

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  • Trustpilot Reviews Thehighgatian@hotmail ,London

    Far superior customer service than other companies I have used. Gave a service that was not only professional but very thorough. Their guy came in a smart uniform and wore his shoe covers. Been two months and no problems.

    Thehighgatian@hotmail ,London

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  • Trustpilot Reviews Bulent Hussein

    Absolute amazing service. I called and they responded very quickly, super friendly service and great rates, I am a very happy customer would recommend to anyone with these issues.

    Bulent Hussein

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  • Trustpilot Reviews Jan

    Brilliant at what they do & a fast reliable & friendly service always. Highly recommended


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    real customers

  • Trustpilot Reviews Dirtdestroyer

    We got our lives back!! We had an infestation of bed bugs under my sons new bed. We just could not get rid of them. We called around and were quoted prices in the thousands.... We called Pied piper in - they were fantastic. In total they made 3 visits over a few weeks. Their time keeping was exceptional. Their service was professional and kept us informed of progress after each visit. Thank you Pied Piper. We can sleep easy again.


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Pest Control London
Whether you have a problem with rats, mice, cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, ants or any other pest,
The Pied Piper Pest has a solution for you.

Commercial Pest Control

If you are a business then you will know how important commercial pest control services are to keep pests at bay, not only for your customers but for your employees as well. We can help keep your pests under control.

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Pest Control Residential

At The Pied Piper, we offer a fast and effective pest control service
which is completely safe in and around any home
environment. We work with landlords and tenants to
quickly eradicate pest problems.

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Often called flying rats, pigeons can cause considerable damage to both commercial and residential buildings. We have proven and effective deterrents against pigeons, administered by our dedicated bird team.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I know if I need professional pest control services?

There are several signs that you may need professional pest control services, including:

  1. Seeing pests: If you are seeing pests, such as cockroaches, ants, spiders, or rodents, in your home on a regular basis, this is a clear sign that you have an infestation.
  2. Damage to your property: Pests can cause damage to your property, such as chewing through wires, damaging insulation, and leaving holes in walls or floors.
  3. Droppings: If you find pest droppings in your home, this is a sure sign that you have a pest problem.
  4. Unusual smells: Some pests, such as rodents, can leave behind a distinct smell that is noticeable in your home.
  5. Allergies or illnesses: Pests can trigger allergies or illnesses in some people. If you or anyone in your household is experiencing symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, or difficulty breathing, this may be a sign of a pest problem.


If you have noticed any of these signs, it is best to contact a professional pest control service to inspect your home and determine the best course of action to eliminate the pests.

Why cant I do pest control myself?

While it is possible to attempt pest control yourself, it is often difficult to completely eliminate a pest infestation without the expertise and tools of a professional pest control service. Here are some reasons why it may be challenging to do pest control yourself:

  1. Lack of knowledge and expertise: Professional pest control technicians are trained to identify different types of pests and understand their behaviour and biology. Without this knowledge, it can be difficult to properly identify and target the source of the infestation.
  2. Inadequate tools and equipment: Pest control professionals have access to specialized equipment and tools that are not available to the general public. This equipment can be crucial in effectively treating the infestation.
  3. Safety concerns: Many pest control methods, such as the use of pesticides, can be hazardous if not used properly. Professional pest control technicians are trained to handle these chemicals safely and effectively.
  4. Time and effort: Pest control can be a time-consuming and labour-intensive process, particularly if the infestation is severe. A professional pest control service can save you time and effort by quickly and efficiently eliminating the pests.
  5. Risk of recurring infestations: Without proper treatment, pests can quickly reproduce and cause a recurring infestation. A professional pest control service can help ensure that the infestation is completely eliminated and provide preventive measures to reduce the risk of future infestations.


In summary, while it is possible to attempt pest control yourself, it can be challenging and may not be as effective as hiring a professional pest control service.

How much does pest control cost?

The cost of pest control services can vary depending on several factors, including the type of pest, the severity of the infestation, the size of the property, and the type of treatment required. The location and the experience and reputation of the pest control company can also influence the cost.  It is important to note that the cost of professional pest control services may be higher than DIY methods, but the benefits of hiring a professional can outweigh the costs in terms of effectiveness, safety, and convenience.

Do you deal with both commercial and residential pest control problems

Yes, we cover the full spectrum of pests for all types of properties and businesses in and around the London area.  For most pests at home, we can give you a quote over the phone but for businesses, we may need to carry out a free survey in order to provide you with a quotation, however, we are able to give a quote whilst on site and start the work immediately.

Are rats and mice common in London?

Yes, rats and mice are common pests in London. Due to the large population and urban environment, London provides an ideal habitat for rats and mice to thrive. They can be found in homes, businesses, and public spaces throughout the city.

Rats are particularly common in London and are known to carry diseases that can be harmful to humans, such as leptospirosis and salmonella. They can also cause damage to buildings and infrastructure by gnawing through wires and pipes.

Mice are also common in London and can cause similar problems to rats, such as damage to property and the spread of disease.

It is important to take steps to prevent and control rat and mouse infestations in London, such as keeping homes and businesses clean and tidy, sealing up any entry points, and using traps or professional pest control services if necessary.

Do you only do one off treatments or provide ongoing pest control contracts as well?

We offer both one-off treatments and ongoing pest control contracts tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re dealing with a sudden infestation that requires immediate attention or seeking long-term pest management solutions to prevent future issues, we have options available to suit your requirements. Our team can discuss the best approach for your situation and provide flexible service plans designed to ensure effective pest control over time.

If I see one mouse does that mean there are more of them?

While seeing one mouse doesn’t necessarily guarantee that there are more, it’s often an indicator that there could be a larger population nearby. Mice are social creatures and tend to live in colonies. If one mouse has ventured into your space, there’s a good chance that others are nearby or could follow. It’s important to take proactive measures such as inspecting for entry points, cleaning up food sources, and contacting pest control professionals to assess the situation and prevent further infestation.

Are your pest control treatments safe for pets and children?

Yes, our pest control treatments are designed to be safe for both pets and children when applied correctly by our trained professionals. We prioritize the use of environmentally friendly and low-toxicity products to minimize any potential risks. Additionally, our technicians can provide guidance on any precautions or temporary measures you may need to take to ensure the safety of your pets and children during and after the treatment process.

Do you provide a free estimate for pest control services?

Yes, we offer free estimates for our pest control services. For residential properties, we can provide a quote over the phone based on the information you provide. However, for more complex situations or commercial/business properties, we offer free on-site surveys conducted by our experienced technicians. This allows us to assess the situation thoroughly and provide you with an accurate estimate tailored to your specific needs. Please contact us to schedule a consultation or survey and receive your free estimate.

I've been hearing noises in my loft, but I haven't spotted any pests. How can your services help in situations like this?

In situations where no evidence of pests is found during the initial inspection, we have an additional tool at our disposal: motion alert WiFi cameras. These cameras can be strategically placed in your loft to capture live footage of any pests that may be present. By continuously monitoring the area, we can identify the type of pest causing the noises and determine the best course of treatment accordingly. This allows us to tailor our approach effectively, ensuring that we address the specific pest issue with precision. Please let us know if you’d like to proceed with setting up these cameras for further investigation.

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How it Works

1. Contact

Call or message us and we will arrange for a member of our team to contact you

  • Local Knowledgeable pest control experts
  • Calls returned same day
    (during Mon-Fri 8-5pm)
  • Trustpilot Accredited

2. Survey

We will discuss your pest problem and quote you over the phone or arrange a survey and email you a quote asap

  • Appointment time slots to suit you
  • Control programs tailored to your requirements
  • BPCA certified technicians

3. Treatment

Our BPCA qualified technicians will attend your property to provide pest control treatments

  • Appointment at a time convenient to you
  • Explain clearly what our tech will do
  • Child & pet safe treatments

4. Aftercare

We will make sure that after your treatment program is complete your premises will be clear of any pests

  • Pest prevention advice given
  • Detailed reports
  • Peace of mind
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